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We utilize the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Firewise protocol to assess the owner's property and structures for wildfire defensibility, create a vegetation fuel reduction and structure protection plan, and implement the plans to create defensible space and structures against wildfire impingement.



Specializing in creating defensible space in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

There are 3 elements of COMBUSTION, Heat, Oxygen, Fuel.

These 3 elements, or legs, create the Fire Triangle.

We remove/reduce the Fuel leg of the Fire Triangle. 

This breaks/weakens the combustion/ignition process. 

We create property & perimeter vegetation Fuel-Breaks.

We thin both timber and brush, reducing fuel-volume per acre.

We remove/thin the vertical ladder-fuel, excess trees, and brush-fuel.

We change the wildfire flaming-front potential by chipping the cut vegetation, this removes tons-per-acre of vertical-fuel continuity and above-the-surface horizontal-fuel continuity. 

Chipping creates a non-continuous landscape-surface horizontal fuel, reducing the fuel's flame height (under 12 inches height), reduces rate of spread, and reduces temperature-values (16 inches above the ground). 

The woodchips are dispersed across the landscape surface, composting into mulch over time. Composted woodchip mulch resists flaming combustion, resists rate of spread, and provides lower temperature-values.

Reference: University of Nevada, 'The Combustibility of Landscape Mulches', SP-11-04, 

Stephen Quarles, Wood Performance and Durability Advisor University of California Cooperative Extension and Ed Smith, Natural Resource Specialist University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Example of Firewise zone 1 & zone 2, 

0 - 30 Feet from structure. 

Before & after thinning.

Our employees are National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) 


Qualified & Certified Wildland Firefighters!

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